You have two options to complete the book proposal. “Fill Online” or “Download Form” and complete it offline.

Use this option, if you prefer, promptly complete the proposal and be ready to submit it.
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You can create a book using

[i] your own material
[ii] published materials from other sources (third-party material) or
[iii] a combination of the two

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Startup Steps

  1. To get started, send us a preliminary Table of Contents & a 1-page description of the book or a sample chapter.
  2. We’ll send you our Book Proposal Form (BPF), to help you explain the project in greater detail and for us to explore all the possibilities.
  3. We’ll send you our Electronic Style Guide, with important information on formatting, plus suggestions on how to make your writing really stand out.
  4. If possible, send us a chapter at a time. That way, we can give you feedback as the work progresses, in order to guide you in a way that is cost-effective and productive for both of us.
  5. If you’re producing a textbook, start to create your own questions and interactive exercises at the end of each chapter or section. We can also work with you on developing digital learning material which you can use on our E-learning platform.


Manuscripts are reviewed by in-house & outside reviewers. If the reviews are favorable, we’ll provide an experienced editor, who will work with you one-on-one, to craft the kind of book you’ll be proud of. If the topic lends itself to it, we will help you turn it into a trade book.


Design elements throughout a book are not just a matter of appearance. They increase interest and improve understanding and retention. At Linus, we use every design element possible, to achieve these goals. For example, we normally send two or three cover designs to choose from.

  • We provide the fastest turnaround time in the industry from finished manuscript to the actual book.
  • In addition, we can produce a beta-edition, so you can field-test your book in class and make necessary changes for a final edition as early as the following semester.
  • We aim to help you craft a book that is interesting, easy-to-understand, understand and remember and above all, offer enjoyment to the reader.


We focus on making your book available in every possible academic environment, from top universities to secondary schools. We are probably the only publishing house that uses virtually every marketing technique available to reach potential readers, including:

  • Direct mailings of catalogs, brochures, & flyers
  • E-marketing
  • Presence at conferences, trade shows, & exhibitions
  • Interviews on broadcast media
  • Print ads
  • Social Media Promotion


If you’re using chapters or articles from other scholars’ works, please send us full citations, so we can secure permissions & copyrights for you.

Copyright Clearance

Instead of you hacking your way through rolls of red tape, we can secure copyright clearance within days for other scholars’ material including whole chapters and/or articles you may want to include in your book.


We will also secure all permissions needed to use material from other sources in your book.

Register copyright

We will register & license your content with the US copyright office.