Book Proposal Form

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This Book Proposal Form runs on a bit. But it is designed to help us create a book you can be proud of. And one that will reach the widest possible audience. We will support you in drafting key essential book features and information in the document, including title, cover, and layout design. In addition to that, we also help you in copyediting, proofing, content editing, illustrations, and applying multimedia applications like QR coding where needed.

Prospective Author/Editor

Please provide a short biography highlighting any personal and professional details related to the book project. Ideally, this could be 2-3 paragraphs.

If you are planning to have co-authors, please list details of co-author(s) or tentative contributors and their affiliations

About Your Proposed Book


Supplementary Material

Please provide a description of the book's main topics, sections, and sub-section headings, with a table of contents. Also, a summary of each chapter and an approximate length; e.g., word count, proposed no. of pages (possibly attach a separate document)

Please provide between 5 to 20 unique words or phrases in the book, for search engine optimization (SEO).

Please identify the readership for your book

What is the course(s) you intend to use this book for?

Please list in order of importance any existing books related to yours. Please provide (if possible) author/editor, publisher, and any further information you feel relevant.

Upload your supportive files like CV, outline and sample chapter, etc.