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We are working with faculty members to make the content more student-centric. In addition to text, tables, graphs, and images, we integrate video with printed and e-books to make learning easier and more inviting. Linus Learning.

At Linus Learning, it’s our mission to transform textbooks, one course at a time. We provide top-quality, tailor-made textbooks and resources designed to support the content you cover in a way that’s engaging and relevant. Since 2005, Linus Learning has published thousands of titles, and have helped teachers and students all around the globe find success with education.

As a group of academics and business people, Linus Learning understands the need to balance the perfect product with “getting the thing into print.” Our state-of–the-art technology allows not only for last-minute changes, but for annual updates and revised editions, as new research appears and ideas evolve.