Author: Joseph Chimeno
ISBN: 1-60797-082-1
Trim Size (Inches): 8.5″ x 11″
No of Pages: 118



About the Author

Brief Biographical of Dr. Joseph Chimeno:

Dr. Chimeno began his teaching career in Chemistry in 1968. Other than the ten years that he worked in industry, he has been teaching chemistry ever since. He received his doctorate in Chemistry from Middle Tennessee State University where he specialized in Chemical Education. Dr. Chimeno has developed a number of chemical education games over the years, as well as a couple of virtual laboratory experiments. Some of these can be seen at his web He has received the best teacher award a number of times and continues to pursue new and novel ways to teach chemistry and make it an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Dr. Chimeno’s other research interests involve precious metal extraction techniques and Natural Products research. Presently, Dr. Chimeno is teaching chemistry at Mesa State College in Grand Junction, Colorado.


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