Business Strategy Simulation Strategic Planning & Business Simulation Cases (2010 Edition)

Authors: Mehdi Hojjat & Tahereh Alavi Hojjat
ISBN: 1-60797-091-0
Trim Size (Inches): 7″ x 10″
No of Pages: 214



One of the most challenging aspects of teaching senior seminar or capstone courses is to provide students with ample opportunity for practice and review all aspects of businesses. Using this textbook solves this problem as it provides excellent learning opportunities for students to utilize their finance, accounting, international business, production management, human resources, economics, and marketing skills.

The first segment of the book provides a user friendly methodology for students to develop strategic plans for local companies. The second part of the book contains business cases and applications in different business disciplines.

This book is a rich store of teaching resources for instructors, including powerpoint slides, sample questions, and a CD-ROM that contains the cases database in Excel format.

The Business Strategy Simulation, Strategic Planning and Business Simulation textbook is offering everything that you need for your senior seminar classes, from formulating a strategic plan to decision-making about all aspects of its operation.


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