Clinically Oriented Anatomy of the Dog and Cat (3rd Edition)

Author: M.S.A Kumar
ISBN: 978-1-60797-995-1
Trim Size (Inches): 8.5″ x 11″
No of Pages: 1410



This is the first clinically oriented textbook in the field of Veterinary Anatomy. The textbook emphasizes the importance of anatomy for clinical applications and includes in-depth description of basic anatomy of the dog, and where applicable, significant anatomical differences in the cat are noted and illustrated. The textbook contains numerous ‘blue boxes’ highlighting clinical notes. The book contains hundreds of illustrations in brilliant colors. The author created many of the illustrations. Numerous conceptual diagrams are specially created to visually present complex anatomical relationships that have clinical applications. For example, new illustrations are created to describe urinary bladder neural control. A regional approach is taken in describing the anatomy because clinical application of the subject demands it. Detailed cross-sectional anatomy of the head and body are included as an atlas since planar anatomy is important for interpreting MRI and CT images. Some highlights:

• Clinical notes by board-certified Veterinary experts
• Integration of developmental anatomy within each chapter
• Major anatomical differences in the cat are included
• Hundreds of original color illustrations
• Each chapter has numerous self evaluation multiple choice questions

6 reviews for Clinically Oriented Anatomy of the Dog and Cat (3rd Edition)

  1. 5 out of 5

    Vicente Aige-Gil

    Excellent anatomy book for veterinary students and clinicians. Essential to have it. The level of detail and drawings is excellent and, together with the clarity of its explanations, make it a reference book.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Jordan Abram

    Clinically Oriented Anatomy of the Dog and Cat is a must-have book for anyone who wants to learn more about the anatomy of these amazing animals. The book is well-written, comprehensive, and easy to follow. It covers all the major systems and organs of the dog and cat, with detailed descriptions, diagrams, and photographs. The book also includes clinical cases and applications that illustrate the relevance and importance of anatomy in veterinary practice. The images are especially impressive, with high-quality resolution and clarity that show the anatomical structures in great detail. The book is suitable for students, teachers, researchers, and practitioners who want to enhance their knowledge and skills in veterinary anatomy.

  3. Sheikh Imran, MVSc in Surgery and Radiology

    It is the first of its kind in veterinary anatomy. Comprehensive textbook and a foundation stone for radiology and surgery residents. The author deserves the highest respect for creating this masterpiece.

  4. Anne Fleming, DVM

    This is a terrific, very complete small animal anatomy text. Very clear diagrams to study from and the clinical relevance insights were very helpful – especially in 4th year clinical rotations to use as a reference/refresher. Highly recommend for both students and SA surgeons!

  5. Eric Lang

    Wonderful textbook and I think students will get a lot of it. I just wish there was a large animal anatomy was included.

  6. Sarah E.

    This textbook really helped me get through my tough anatomy course!!! It’s so cool to see pictures of all the muscles of the axial skeleton, and learn about the anatomical influence of common diseases and conditions in dogs and cats! Trust me: you need to get this book!

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