Culture & Health: Concept and Practice (Second Edition)

Author: Joanna M. Basuray, Ph.D., RN
ISBN 10: 1-60797-495-9
ISBN 13: 978-1-60797-495-65-6



Health care providers encounter people who are different from themselves in their ethnicity and language, their cultural traditions and unique beliefs, as well as their values on wellness and illness. Understanding these differences will help health professionals, whether they are nurses, physicians, physical therapists, social workers, public health workers, counselors or educators to give culturally competent care.

• Cultural Framework in Health Professions
• Self Awareness of Cultural Values
• Culture-based Health Assessment and Practice Models
• Cultural Perspectives on Communication and language
• Health Beliefs Across Cultures: Understanding Transcultural Care
• Cultural Diversity and Culture Care for the Vulnerable
• Cultural Competency Approaches Interfacing Local and Global Health Care
• Impact of Resettlement on the Health of Immigrant families
• Understanding the Spiritual Needs of People from Diverse Cultures
• Recognizing, Respecting and Addressing Valued Traditions and Celebrations


Joanna Majid Basuray is a registered nurse who has worked in critical care and emergency centers before her clinical concentration in Pediatric nursing at the master’s level. Since 1980 she devoted her study of cultures in the health care context while continuing to teach and practice in nursing. She joined the Transcultural Nursing Society in the early eighties and progressed towards a focused scholarship and teaching on cultural diversity and health care as well as participating in community services for culturally diverse populations. Her dissertation in 1992 was an ethnography titled “Meaning of Caring in Nurse Educators”. To date, Joanna has several publications, including chapters in texts and journal article. In United States and abroad, she has presented papers on transcultural health care issues for education, practice and research. She leads workshops on cultural diversity for health service providers and clients of local and regional health care institutions and organizations. Her audience range from health care providers, students, cancer survivors/support groups to immigrants groups and members of League of Women’s Voters. Since 2000, Joanna added immigrant health to her scholarship and practice. She has consistently presented papers on the topic and written for publication. Currently, she is writing a handbook on immigrant health. In teaching nursing and health care, Joanna has rigorously applied pedagogical scholarship of transcultural knowledge in nursing and health care educator programs. Since 1986, she has developed and offered transcultural health care courses and teaches these courses in her undergraduate and graduate program. As the director, she led Towson University’s Multicultural Institute for six years promoting faculty and staff development and engaging community partnership. At the community level, Joanna serves on the board of a local non-governmental organization, the Immigration Outreach Service Center in Baltimore where she engages in meeting the needs of local immigrant population groups, offers free, basic health care service and education opportunities. This includes writing for grant funding and helping with fundraisers and volunteer work.


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