Foundations of Biological Psychology

Author: Timothy W. Parker
ISBN: 1-60797-325-1



Foundations of Biological Psychology is intended to be a valuable resource for students learning about the brain and nervous system. It provides detailed,highly understandable accounts of the fundamentals of the structure and organization of the brain, the way that neurons generate and conduct electrical signals, and the way that neurons communicate with each other. It does this by providing the detail needed to understand the processes being described. In this way, the student is invited to learn, not simply by rote memorization of unconnected facts, but by understanding how the processes arise from fundamental principles and basic details.

In addition to providing clear explanations of basic neural processes, this book also has a strong focus on methodology. This includes the techniques used to study the brain as well as the research designs used to obtain the material that is contained in the book. Thus this book provides a sound foundation for learning about how the brain controls behaviour. The principles which underlie the functioning of the neuron are crucial to a thorough understanding of the wide range of topics covered in typical “Brain and Behavior” courses.

About the Author

Tim Parker is a Full Professor of Psychology at Augustana Campus, University of Alberta in Camrose, Alberta, Canada. The Augustana Campus is primarily an undergraduate teaching institution. Over the past 25 years he has taught a variety of courses related to biological psychology. These include Brain and Behavior, Introduction to the Brain and Nervous System,Sensory Processes, Human Neuropsychology, Abnormal Psychology, Physiological Psychology of Sleep, Emotion and Stress, and the Neurobiology of Learning, Memory and Addiction.


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