Fun, Easy, and Useful C/C++ Programming

Authors: Tim Lin,  Emmanuel Ferran & Steven Song



This book follows a pragmatic atypical approach. Practical examples are explained which include the famous computation of birthday probability encountered in mathematics and cryptography, exponential function as an infinite series, mortgage installment and remaining terms calculation, the Twelve Days of Christmas lyrics generation, credit card verification, and ISBN verification etc. Some common mistakes of students or beginning engineers are presented through examples and alternative ways of doing the same problem are presented.

Detailed development of complicated C++ class examples are presented: class Complex, class Polynomials, and class Huge Integers (integers of as many digits as possible) with corresponding arithmetic operations are discussed.

The book covers also interesting 2D graphics and GUI development. Three applications on cryptography, audio processing, and Arduino programming are presented. The readers of this book learn some fun and easy examples of C programming, some useful C++ class code, some instances of enlightening graphics and GUI, and several valuable practical applications.


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