Introduction to Quantitative Reasoning

Author: Neil Simonetti.

ISBN 10: 1-60797-680-3

ISBN 13: 978-1-60797-680-6



Introduction to QR, Quantitative Reasoning and Discrete Mathematics was designed for the introductory college student who may not have fully understood mathematical concepts in secondary schools.  With a focus on applications, this book is divided into small digestible pieces with lots of examples illustrating a variety of topics.  Use the whole book for a two semester sequence, or pick and choose topics to make a single semester course.

  • The most basic of algebra topics are reintroduced, with an emphasis on learning how to translate scenarios into problems that can be solved or modeled with linear functions.
  • Scientific notation and significant figures are applied to problems involving unit conversion, including examples with the Consumer Price Index.
  • The basics of personal finance are explained, including interest, loans, mortgages, and taxes.
  • Statistical topics are introduced to give the students the ability to look critically at the myriad of numerical sound bites tossed out in today’s social media.
  • Combinatorics and probability topics are introduced in a way to be accessible to students seeing the material for the first time.
  • Logic and graph theory are used to solve some traditional types of games and puzzles.
  • Applications are connected to issues in modern Christianity with references to 18th century philosopher Emanuel Swedenborg, including why Intelligent Design does not act as proof of God, and how random chance and Divine Providence work together.
  • Each chapter ends with a project related to the chapter, often involving spreadsheet programs or website data collection.

About the Author

Neil Simonetti, PhD, Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science at Bryn Athyn College, has been teaching Mathematics, Computer Science and Operations Research courses for almost 20 years.  He is committed to showing students who are afraid of mathematics that the basics of this subject do not have to be difficult and confusing.  This work results from discovering what these students need in mathematics to succeed in business, science, and social science courses.



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