Kinesiology: An Applied Approach

Authors: Gregory Biren & Robert Sterner
ISBN: 978-1-60797-334-8
No of Pages: 272



This textbook was created to provide individuals with a practical, yet thorough, understanding of human movement which is essential for anyone prescribing exercise and/or physical activity. It is based on current scientific information in the field along with the authors’ combined academic and clinical experiences in exercise physiology, athletic training, personal training, coaching, and athletics. The knowledge and skills gained from this textbook will better qualify individuals to assess motion and develop/implement exercise programs that promote optimal human performance while at the same time reducing the risk of injury. Specifically, this book will thoroughly address how dysfunctions along the kinetic chain influence overuse injuries that prevent one from achieving peak performance. As individualsconclude their study of this textbook, they should have the content knowledge andpractical skills to assess any person performing an activity and identify normal and abnormal movements. Based on their assessment, they will then be able to determine what factors may be contributing to the improper movement, explain the potential effects of these improper movements on the safety and performance of the body, and finally be able to implement an intervention treatment to correct these dysfunctions.

About the author

Dr. Gregory Biren, PhD, CSCS, CES Gregory Biren received his undergraduate degree from Shippensburg University and both his Master and Doctoral degrees from Temple University. He is an assistant professor at Rowan University in the Department of Health and Exercise Science and the associate director of the Exercise Physiology Laboratory. Prior to Rowan University, he taught at West Chester University, Temple University (as a graduate assistant), and Eastern College. Clinically he has worked as an Exercise Physiologist prescribing exercise and nutrition to patients with cardiovascular and pulmonary disease, diabetes and obesity, and orthopedic conditions. He is a Corrective Exercise Specialistrecognized by the National Academy for Sports Medicine and a Certified Strength and ConditioningSpecialist recognized by the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Dr. Robert Sterner, PhD, ATC. Rob Sterner obtained his Bachelor degree in Athletic Training from East Stroudsburg University in 1993. He has been an athletic trainer that has worked in the high school, collegiate and junior hockey settings. He earned a Master’s degree in Exercise Science and Sports Medicine from The University of Pittsburgh in 1997. In 2001, he completed his doctoral work in Applied Biomechanics from The University of Toledo. Dr. Sterner is currently the Director of the Athletic Training Education Program and the Applied Biomechanics Laboratory at Rowan University.


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