Methodological Pluralism in Political Science

Author: Dr. Lisa N. Nealy
ISBN: 1-934188-82-4
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This edited volume offers dichotomous research methodological approaches within political science. With a focus on the African-centered research methodologies as the primary focus of this volume, the book provides a variety of paradigms based on primary and secondary data collected on subject matters such as HIV/Aids of African American Women in the state of Georgia; equity in higher education of private and public Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU’s); the death penalty and attitudes of Georgia’s police officers; Gentrification; and Influenza Viruses. Also, this volume is very unique in its scholarly underpinnings that illuminate depth, conceptual and methodological clarity to the traditional approaches of conducting political science research.

Methodological Pluralism in Political Science Research makes a contribution to public policy issues by concentrating on areas generally neglected in the field. This edited work has two chapters on health issues, one on urbanization, crime and historically black colleges. The chapters in the volume are tied together by a concern with issues of importance to the African American community and the desire to use scientific techniques to better understand that world. Unlike like much previous quantitative research, the authors approach problems with a African American perspective. The chapters confirm that racial disparities remain in many areas, health care, criminality, and urban politics. What is innovative is that all chapters make their point by adopting a methodology that involves the collection and analysis of data.

Dr. Walter W. Hill
Professor of Research Methodology
Saint Mary’s College of Maryland

About the author
Dr. Lisa Nikol Nealy received her Ph.D. in Political Science from Howard University in 2004 with distinction. She also received her Maters of Arts degrees in Political Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Jackson State University with high distinction. Dr. Nealy also received her Bachelors of Arts degree in Political Science from Jackson State University with distinction and her Associates of Arts degree from Meridian Community College. Dr. Nealy teaches American Government and Politics, Political and Global Issues, Statistics, Scope and Methods, African American Politics. She also teaches courses on the Chief Executive. Her teaching interests are in American Government and Political Behavior, Research Methodology, Statistics, Women Politics, and African American Politics. Her primary research areas focus on African American women religiosity, political consciousness, and progressive political action in United States presidential elections. Specifically, Dr. Nealy’s research examines the theory of racialize religiosity as a new developing theory that explains and predicts the voting behavior and political consciousness of religious African American women voters, and other voting group’s pattern in elections. Dr. Nealy’s interdisciplinary research focuses on racialize religiosity, criminal justice, and women issues. She has published widely in each of these areas including her most recent book publication, African American Women Voters: Racializing Religiosity, Political Consciousness, and Progressive Political Action In U.S. Presidential Elections From 1964 Through 2008(2009).

Additional scholarly publications Dr. Nealy has authored includesPrisoner’s Deaths’ In Local Jails: Factors Influencing Inmate Suicide (2004); peer-reviewed journal article, “African American Women Voting Behavior: A Test of the Efficacy of the Social-Connectedness Theory” (1999); book chapters entitled, Religion and Spirituality in (ed)Washington, DC State of Affairs (2001)Chapter5; The Political Economy of Interests Groups in (ed) DCVOTE: TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION(2003); and web article publications entitled, ‘Our Mule is A’ Comin’ and our Land is on de Way-Black Reparations(2001) and, Valley of the Dry Bones(2001). Dr. Nealy’s forthcoming works include two book chapters in an edited encyclopedia book volume entitled, State By State Black Encyclopedia, edited by Dr. A. Hornsby; and a book chapter entitled, Unjustified Police Shootings Against Black Suspects: The Black Church Response, that will be included in an edited book volume by Dr. Drew Smith. She is a recent Fulbright-Hayes Fellow Study Abroad Faculty Recipient of West Africa, Ghana which primary research was conducted on Ghanaian Women’s empowerment attainment in a politically, socially, culturally, and economically restricted spaces.

Dr. Nealy is a native of Meridian, Mississippi and a member of First Union Missionary Baptist Church. She is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.


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