Music Content and Strategies for Elementary Classroom Teachers A Joyful, Positive, Realistic, Practical, Participatory Approach to Learning and Teaching (Revised Edition)

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Authors: Dawn S. Baker & Patrick A. Garrett
ISBN 10: 1-60797-742-7
ISBN 13: 978-1-60797-742-1



Music Content and Strategies for Elementary Classroom Teachers was written for music or integrated arts courses for pre-service teachers who have had no previous music instruction. It is a new text with an approach that breaks with the traditional paradigm.

  • The content knowledge is based on typical elementary music curricula rather than music theory and is presented through participatory activities that the future teachers can use in their classrooms.
  • Music examples include a variety of genres including classic rock, country, jazz,
    R & B and movie themes rather than being limited to classical repertoire.
  • Key search words that quickly and easily take the students to online resources are integrated throughout the text rather than pictures of instruments and/or information geared to specific topics or added-on URLS and apps.
  • Global principles and examples of music strategies are presented rather than lesson plans geared to a specific grade level and/or correlated with one song or listening example so that the future teachers are prepared to teach children with a diversity of ages, abilities and amounts of prior music content knowledge.
  • An Appendix with the names of approximately 120 songs that can be accessed online is included so that the future teachers can select from a wider variety of materials than those on a CD.
  • The chapter on integrating music with other subjects is geared to finding on-line materials for lessons for any grade level and any subject rather than being specific to topic and content. The text also contains information on presenting in-class culmination programs for family and friends.
  • The text is accompanied by Colleague to Colleague, an instructor’s guide that contains suggestions for text use gleaned from field testing. It also contains approaches for using the text in both music and integrated arts courses for future classroom teachers.

Authors Dawn S. Baker, PhD, retired, and Patrick A. Garrett, MM, Assistant Professor of Music Education at West Liberty University, have collectively taught pre-service teachers for over 15 years and have had an equal amount of elementary public school experience. They are committed to making the participatory learning process joyful, positive, realistic and practical for the future teachers so that they will be capable of and eager to guide children in making music.

From the text, Music Content and Strategies for Elementary Classroom Teachers

Table of Contents
Introduction for Future Elementary Teachers
An Overview of “The Bare Necessities”
Excerpts: Rhythm Chapter
Excerpts: Tone Color Chapter
Excerpts: Dynamics Chapter
Excerpts: Pitch Chapter
Excerpts: Form Chapter
Excerpt: Evaluation Chapter
An Overview of “Doing a Lot with a Little”
Excerpts: Concepts and Skills Chapter
Excerpts: Preparatory Skills Chapter
Excerpts: Skill Development Chapter
Excerpts: Concept Development Chapter
Excerpts: Curricular Integration Chapter
An Overview of “Appendix”
Excerpts: Appendix

From the instructor’s guide, Colleague to Colleague

Table of Contents
Spreading the Joy
A Few Fundamental Recommendations
Excerpts: Chapter 3
Excerpts: Chapter 4