Peer-Led Team Learning: Origins, Research and Practice

Author: David K. Gosser, Jr.
ISBN 10: 1-60797-545-9
ISBN 13: 978-1-60797-545-8



Peer – Led Team Learning: Origins, research and Practice is a practical guide to Peer- Led Team Learning (PLTL), a model of teaching which introduces peer facilitated group discussion as an integral course component. This monograph begins with an authentic account of the origins of PLTL by the founder of the model. It then proceeds to analyze the substantial body of research demonstrating that PLTL has a positive impact on student success and retention in STEM, and explored new research methodologies for PLTL. Finally, a guide to implementing PLTL is provided, from organization of a PLTL course, to training of peerleaders and the application of ideas from cognitive science to PLTL. This monograph is an invaluable resource to all of those interested in gaining a deeper knowledge of Peer-led Team Learning: disciplinary faculty, learning center personnel, and peerleaders.

About the Author:

David K. Gosser, Jr. is a Chemistry Professor at the City College of New York. He established the Peer-led Team Learning model in the 1990’s while exploring issues of student success and retention in General Chemistry. In the subsequent years, the PLTL model has proved to be adaptable to a wide variety of institutional settings and STEM disciplines. In recognition of the impact of PLTL, David K. Gosser Jr. and colleagues Jack Kampmeier and Pratibha Varma-Nelson were awarded the 2008 James Flack Norris Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Teaching of Chemistry.


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